React / Form component II

I’ve been working on my form component and here it is: Of course this is still work in progress and it’s missing few essential parts like select tag or better form definition errors handling but I’m already using it in my apps so why not you ;). Below screenshot from example app (from github repo):


Since the last time I made following changes:

  • ref is no longer needed in Submit declaration
  • data property was changed to dataFn. Now it points to this.dataFn (that comes from FormMixin). Unfortunately there is no (known to me) way of making it unnecessary (provided implicitly by Form component). But I can live with that – I hope future versions of react will make it possible.
  • dataFn must be provided in every component (including Form)

This is the code of the form from the screenshot:

For now my form component is strictly connected with semantic ui css framework but I’m working on make it css independent. I hope you’ll find it useful. I’m aware of others similar components but none of them fits my needs. What I was missing the most was inability to freely mix form inputs with form layout. See you soon.

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